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Head Tail Game Perfectmoney

Strategies 100% Win!

This strategy is used for the game with a 50-50 chance. Head & tail, left & right, etc. in which the profits of at least 2x or 200% or more! If not 2x or 210%, then 100% win to be invalid! And is 100% Win does not mean you never lose! You may lose a few times, but you can never lose, because any losses will be paid by the next time you win! Yes, once you win your losses that were covered plus you'll get the benefits! Before you enter the game, you should understand this logic?

Imagine! How likely is if you flip a coin 14 times in a row the same results hold? You may not lose 14x in a row! Yes, it's unlikely "tail" appears 14x in a row without interspersed with "head" though! (eg money 500 "eagle vs number 500" emergence of an eagle continued) Let yourself take a coin, throwing 1000x, record the result, then compute, have the same appears 14x in a row? Indeed, there are chances. counts below 0, 1%. But it's just chance. The truth will never happen! Please try it yourself! That is, in reality should have 100% win. (Although the chance is only 99, 99%) I can 100% sure you win! And apply 100% win if you follow the instructions below and try to finish!

Select the "head" or "tail". Remember, once you choose, you can not change it! (example: if you select the "head", so you should still choose the "head". In other games such as left & right, low and high, red & black, and others, the same strategy with head & tail, just different names only!)

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captcha solving job online earn

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