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New Zealand website sells ‘charpai’ for $800, calls it a ‘vintage Indian daybed’

Jeremy Posts: 14634 Points
Days after luxury fashion house Balenciaga caught the attention of netizens for selling bags resembling “desi thailas” for Rs 1.5 lakh, a New Zealand retailer was spotted selling ‘charpai’ — a traditional woven bed — for $800. (Rs 58,000).

The official website of ANNABELLE’S — a home decor store — features a cot titled “vintage Indian daybed’. The bed, like many seen across India, is a jute handwoven cot commonly known as “charpai” or “chorpay”. The product was originally priced at $1200.

 The ‘charpai’ is being sold for $ 800 on the website. (Source:

While not much is written about the product on the website, except it being “original” and “one of a kind”, according to the company’s Facebook page, it has suppliers all over Asia, India and the Middle East.

However, this is not the first time an old-fashioned charpai or khatiya is being sold in the international market. Earlier, an advertisement featuring a basic ‘charpoy’ had gone viral on social media.


  • RameshY123
    RameshY123 Posts: 131 Point
    In india we can purchase this charpai in just $8. What a huge income sellers are making from this business. There is huge difference between $8 and $800. 100 times more profit.
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