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How does a crypto faucet work?

A bitcoin faucet gives you minor units of bitcoin, a Satoshi, which is about 1/100 millionth part of a bitcoin. When you do the tasks assigned to you, you get satoshis transferred to your mini-wallet and then to your actual wallet once the limit has been reached.


  • TonyRandria
    TonyRandria Posts: 030 Points
    Nowadays crypto faucet are very useful. Some market use them as the method of paiement so it very useful to have them. We can earn crypto for free in the web or we can convert or buy from credit card.
  • NiniHR
    NiniHR Posts: 75 Points
    Beaucoup de site utilise de faucet en ce moment. Nous pouvon en rencontrer de toutes sorte et surtout de tous les cryptomonnaies possible. Les portefeuilles varient juste dans ce système.

  • Abhiraj3
    Abhiraj3 Posts: 120 Points
    Crypto Faucet are only useful if you had time to claim those..I cant find a single one who gives pretty good. Does anyone knows any good faucet..Please let me know..will join as a referral
  • Vladimir123r
    Vladimir123r Posts: 3280 Points
    Abhiraj3 said:
    Crypto Faucet are only useful if you had time to claim those..I cant find a single one who gives pretty good. Does anyone knows any good faucet..Please let me know..will join as a referral
    Что такое хороший кран? На кранах много не заработаешь, выход PTC сайты с функцией крана,плюс еще несколько видов заработка- опросы, серфинг сайтов.  один из лучших проектов 

  • Damilola247
    Damilola247 Posts: 155 Points
    Cryptocurrency faucet are websites or Apps built to give out free cryptocurrency coins in for
    of small units better know as satoshis.Faucets are created mostly to introduce new people to know about a particular cryptocurrency,learn about there use and earn.
  • Omidakbari
    Omidakbari Posts: 132 Points
    All bitcoin taps work in much the same way. Its performance is mainly based on solving simple tasks and participating in activities. Thanks to these activities, people can receive bitcoins periodically. For example, Bitcoin Faucet, the first tap developed, allowed people to earn up to 5 bitcoins. To receive this reward, users only need to complete certain functions on the web. However, each faucet can independently determine how much cryptocurrency to donate as a reward.
  • tora
    tora Posts: 8220 Points
    Although I used to use faucets due to most normally having low payment per claim, as low as 2 satoshi I prefer to earn crypto through ptc sites these days.
  • radokely
    radokely Posts: 140 Points
    Yes i like do money in crypto fauchet but it take long times to earn lot. I have not choice i will do it everyday. And if you have good way do earn in crypto speedly tell me
  • Tatyana
    Tatyana Posts: 41 Point
    В наше время есть много криптокранов, раздают сатоши по разному. Если в течении какого то времени можно получить не большое количество сатошей, значит есть надежда их вывести на свой кошелек. А некоторые краны обещают много сатошей, и собираются они быстро, но к сожалению, как правило, забрать их не возможно.
  • kenchris
    kenchris Posts: 9590 Points
    How do Crypto Faucets work? Well, I've been using faucets and getting paid out, since 2012, when I first met Bitcoin. And now, yes, many faucets don't hold your claimed crypto, they send your claim immediately to your wallet, which is GREAT NEWS. Lately, I came across this faucet site and I found that the other faucets on are equally as good as Bitcoin, except the TRON Faucet, which has NEVER paid out and always gives a message that it cannot reconcile the Captcha...most frustrating.  
    I have sent several messages to admin, through 'Contact Us' but I have NEVER received an answer, not even a 'go away, and stop bothering us'.
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