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Are crypto faucets legit?

All Bitcoin faucets are pretty much profitable if used strategically. This is probably the easiest and inexpensive way to earn free Bitcoins online every hour. A user using actively a Bitcoin faucet can soon become a millionaire if fortunate. One of the best-known Bitcoin faucets across the globe is


  • Damilola247
    Damilola247 Posts: 156 Points
    Cryptocurrency faucets are very legit but not all are legit or paying.Crypto faucets are created to introduce cryptocurrencies to the masses then in turn payout small amount of free cryptos out to users in form of Satoshis.Faucets claims can be claimed automatically within various time frames ranging from 1mins to 1hr.Faucets pay out intp micro payment wallets such as,expresswallet.
  • tora
    tora Posts: 8220 Points
    Faucets are legit. They are how I earned my first crypto. They are low paying usually, sometimes a large withdraw required eg 10000satoshi+ and some have ads with trjans, speaking from experience.
  • Adityac243
    Adityac243 Posts: 160 Points
    Yes, crypto faucet Legit There are many websites that can pay you a good amount for completing the task. Especially websites that use offerwalls and give different types of tasks
  • Sahid007
    Sahid007 Posts: 130 Points
    The faucet is very legit. All Bitcoin faucets are pretty much profitable if used strategically. Especially websites that use offerwalls and give different types of tasks
  • RameshY123
    RameshY123 Posts: 132 Points
    Crypto faucet may be legit but they are not much profitable. Time investment is large but outcome is less. Earning is less withdrawal threshold is high.
  • kenchris
    kenchris Posts: 9590 Points
    Are Faucets legit? Well, I've been using faucets and getting paid out, since 2012, when I first met Bitcoin. Lately, I came across this faucet site and I found that the other faucets  on are equally as good, except the TRON Faucet, which has NEVER paid out and always gives a message that it cannot reconcile the Captcha...most frustrating.  
    I have sent several messages to admin, through 'Contact Us' but I have NEVER received an answer, not even a 'go away, and stop bothering us'.
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