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Reasons for newbies loss in bitcoin

Jeremy Posts: 1298 Points
Bitcoin is becoming mainstream these days and top most choice for many investors for making investments and contribute a good portion of their portfolio allocation towards the same but still we see panic sell among these investors making the situations worse for market and for themselves also. So what are the main reason for these sell off ? Later on when they buy at peak and sell off at drop they think btc was not the right option for them but don't realize their mistake.Some common reasons for these are as follows:

1) People think Bitcoin as tool to become rich overnight

The main reason for people investing in bitcoin is that they see btc as tool to become rich overnight and according to them if they would invest $100 or $1000 in bitcoin it would be double or triple within days and when they see their investment going down next step they get nervous and want to safe themselves from any further loss.They see on news and article that btc is up 1200% this year and they think it will keep on rising and when this does not happen they panic sell and start dumping their coins.They need to be atleast have patience and know it will take certain time for btc to jump back.Apple,Microsoft and other shares have not make upto S&P 500 overnight but still bitcoin is keeping the pace very fast. 

2) People ignore the volatility factor and past Crashes

Many new investors enter the market in the investment hype and hope for steady rise and ignore the main "Volatility" factor and it is the basic knowledge every investor must have prior investment.The volatility in crypto market is high and prices can fluctuates highly but when it goes down they start panicking and do the same mistake which is biggest mistake. Market have seen many dips and crash like situations but still they tend to ignore it and got nervous. They should see this chart history before any judgement:

When it have witnessed more than 70-80% crash in prices and still managed to rise to this level so why do panic sellers think it is bubble and will burst this time? It has been declared dead hundred times and still trading at $30k so if you underestimate it you will be in loss in future.

3) Whales manipulation and FUD

This is most common technique to create dump like situations in market to gain huge profits from this situation and accumulate more bitcoins at cheap prices.They spend rumours and create FUD in the market to which most of the newbies will get panic and start selling off and exactly same thing happens and the only ones who suffer loss out of this will be panic sellers.
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