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What is token faucet?

A cryptocurrency "faucet" is a site that gives away cryptocurrency. Faucets are especially common on test networks such as NEAR TestNet to allow developers to test apps with tokens which have no monetary value.


  • kenchris
    kenchris Posts: 9590 Points
    What is a TOKEN Faucet? That is best answered by looking at many exchanges and crypto websites. Many of these produce their own currency, like Binance, they have produced the BNB, Binance token.  You can purchase BNB, with cash or coins, for buying products and services on the site, but it has NO VALUE outside the site, and cannot be used as currency.
    With a coin, you can use it anywhere in the online world that accepts that coin. You can use coins to buy tokens, but you cannot use tokens to buy coins, except on the site that produced the token.
    I have been claiming on faucets since 2012, when there was only 1 coin, Bitcoin. I remember the launch of Ethereum, Litecoin and Dog Ecoin, I've seen them come and I've seen them go. I'm still claiming on faucets. 
    Lately, I came across this faucet site and I found that the other faucets on are equally as good as Bitcoin, except the TRON Faucet, which has NEVER paid out and always gives a message that it cannot reconcile the Captcha...most frustrating.  
    I have sent several messages to admin, through 'Contact Us' but I have NEVER received an answer, not even a 'go away, and stop bothering us'.
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