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HeedYoucom Reviewspng
It is very strange project.
1. Too low paid ads. For 2 weeks I has earn just 0,1 USD. It is only 10% of my earnings.
2. But others 90% I "won" in Autosurf. At autosurf page you will earn "points", and randomly you will win cache bonuses. 0.1 cent and 0.5 cent bonuses caused often, 1 cent and 5 cent - seldom. Because I can not said, how much you can earn on this project. It is fully unpredictable.
3. "Points" can not be selled. You can use poins as "tikets" in eweryweek lottery.


  • tora
    tora Posts: 8220 Points
    My first payment from Heedyou.  Paying site. Quick payment

    Operation date: 20 Oct 2021 18:31
    Operation ID: 1521197979
    Operation type: transfer
    Status: success
    Amount: 0.90 $
    Comment: Your payment from Thank you for your work and good luck in future earnings! Post payment proof at our forum and get bonus $0.05 on your account balance!
  • dicoxavier
    dicoxavier Posts: 140 Points
    Muito bom top de mais eu gotei sim paga memo vei c otimo jkwkkekkekrkkfjjfjjekwiiiijdjjdhhgffdtjkkkkhffhhhtywiiisjjhhhtrredddyhjuuuujuhhhfffhjjhgggiioookuwyyytfff
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